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Video is an integral part of content marketing, and several brands have released ambitious new projects.

Marriott’s “Two Bellmen” series is often cited as a top example of video content marketing.

In an attempt to reach millennials, the hotel chain released the first “Two Bellman” in March 2015. The 17-minute video went viral, gaining more than 5 million YouTube views, and winning numerous awards. The 19-minute sequel, launched in February 2016, was another hit, receiving 7.9 million YouTube views.

Now, Marriott had released the most ambitious installment yet: “Two Bellmen Three” is a 35-minute third film set in Seoul, South Korea. It’s the first of the series to highlight one of Marriott’s Asian properties, and follows the original two bellmen as they compete in the “Global Bellmen Games.”

The movie has been using Marriot hotels and resorts as the backdrop, which seems to continue even in this series. The first series was filmed in Los Angeles, while the second sequel featured Dubai backdrop. The third one is all set to exhibit Seoul's scenery and culture as the stunning element besides the star cast.

The second element concerns the choice of a personalized experience in which young people can identify themselves.

Video advertising is more effective in involving the receiver when there is narrative, and it tells a story.

The actantial model is a interesting and useful tool in creating a story.

It's composed of six elements:
  1. subject
  2. object
  3. helper
  4. opponent
  5. sender 
  6. receiver
The story follows a young Korean couple (subject) across the day before, and day of their wedding (object).

The groom is Jun Lee (Ki Hong Lee), an aspiring K-Pop star who saw brief success a few years ago.
Things have been slow for Jun, and now all signs are telling him to give up on his dream and pursue a more realistic career path.

His bride-to-be, Mi Na Kim (Jessica Jung), comes from a wealthy and successful family. Her parents feel that Jun should choose a more stable career path and barely approved of this wedding.

Mi Na and her parents are staying at and hosting the wedding at the JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul (helpers).

Over the two days leading up to the wedding (and the wedding day itself) we see the family and future pressures placed on Jun and Mi Na as a result of his unique career aspirations (opponent).

Jun must make a choice between a new career path and the woman he loves, even if it comes at the expense of his dream.

The sender (who prompts the subject at the start of the story) is Marriott.

“Today’s millennials (receivers) plan and travel differently, often accessing information via their peers or through other conversations they’re having on social media,” says David Beebe, Vice President, Global Creative & Content Marketing, Marriott International. “And ‘Two Bellmen Three’ delivers Marriott International’s core proposition, a luxurious hospitality experience with elevated offerings and personalized experiences, to this audience using their preferred, and thus more impactful, social channels.”

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